Writ Bond Lawyer Serving Collin County

Writ Bond Lawyer Serving Collin County


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A writ bond secures an immediate jail release and eliminates the likelihood of waiting in jail for days to have a bond set by a magistrate judge. This legal pleading, more formally known as a writ of habeas corpus, can be filed in response to a misdemeanor arrest in any city in Collin County and most cities in Dallas County. The process itself takes between 2 and 4 hours and can only be performed by a licensed Texas attorney.

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    What is a Writ Bond

    A “Writ Bond” is a filing by a lawyer in Collin County that will cause the sheriff’s office to set a bond prior to the arrested person being seen by a magistrate on a Class A or B Misdemeanor (typically DWI, possession of marijuana, or theft).

    Writ Bonds aren’t applicable for felony arrests, traffic ticket arrests or assault arrests.

    People arrested by police in any Collin County city may be eligible whether they are in the County jail in McKinney or not. These communities include (but aren’t limited to) Prosper, Allen, Frisco, Plano, Celina, Fairview, Anna, Melissa, Parker or Murphy.

    A “writ bond” shouldn’t be confused with a bail bond.

    Contact our Collin County Lawyers – Available 24 Hours

    Hiring an attorney for a writ bond in Collin County is an important decision. Not only can the attorney help your friend or loved one be released from jail quickly, but they can help ease your mind with information about the criminal justice system which may be rushing through your mind.

    Our attorneys will be able to give you a quote during the initial phone call. Payment arrangements can be done over the phone using a major credit or debit card such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. All phone calls will be answered and handled by a live person.

    Posting A Writ Bond in Collin County – What To Expect

    Once a Collin County Attorney Writ Bond is in process, our attorney will get the bond set at The Collin County Sheriff’s Department. Even if your loved one is incarcerated in another Collin County Jail like Plano, Frisco or Allen, the Collin County Attorney Writ Bond is processed through the Sheriff’s Department.

    The time it takes to post a writ bond and obtain a release varies. If the person arrested is already in the Collin County Jail, the time it takes to process a writ bond to the inmate’s release can be as short as 1 to 2 hours. If a person is incarcerated in a local, suburban jail (example Frisco), you may expect the process to take 2 to 3 hours. The bond must be signed in its original form by the person incarcerated at the local, suburban jail. This means that the bond must be carried from the jail where the person is incarcerated to the Collin County Sheriff’s Department for processing.

    While our attorneys conduct their work efficiently, they must also rely on other parties like the jail involved in the release. It may take a little bit longer to process a writ bond jail release on a weekend as opposed to a weekday. Prior to releasing an inmate, and after the writ bond has been approved, the Sheriff’s Department at Collin County must do a few things prior to the person being released. Paperwork and releasing of property can also delay the release.

    Following the release of a person arrested for a DWI the attorney who executed the writ bond, about 10 days after the arrest, or you will meet you at the courthouse and represent you in a bond condition hearing. At the bond hearing the judge will determine if you need to have a deep-lung ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. The law in Texas mandates the deep-lung device as a condition of bond if your alcohol concentration is a .15 or greater.

    If you decide to hire the Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian attorney who executed your writ bond for your case, the money you paid will be credited to your overall representation fee.

    Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian is the largest criminal defense firm in Collin County and the only firm in the county with 2 Board Certified Partners. Our firm has experience assisting clients and families through the Collin County Attorney Writ Bond process.

    Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : December 20, 2023