Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Plano

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Plano

The Plano criminal defense attorneys from Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian have decades of experience handling cases like yours. We provide legal services to clients facing criminal charges in Plano and throughout Texas. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor offense or serious felony charge, you should hire an experienced attorney who can protect your rights.

We understand the toll an arrest can take on someone’s life. You’re likely unsure what to do next or how to handle this frightening situation. You can count on our Plano criminal defense attorneys to ensure everyone involved in the legal process treats you fairly. In the eyes of the law, you’re innocent until proven guilty, and it’s up to the prosecutor to provide solid evidence that shows you committed a crime.

We don’t want you to give up hope that your arrest will tarnish everything you worked hard for. With over 20 years of experience, you can depend on our Plano criminal defense attorneys to find a way to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian has an excellent reputation in the area of criminal defense. Whether your arrest was for a sex crime, traffic offense, or drug possession, we will fight hard for your freedom.

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    Our Practice Areas

    Our practice areas include:

    • Appeals
    • Assault and battery
    • Domestic violence
    • Drug possession
    • Expungement/nondisclosure
    • Federal crimes
    • Forgery/possession of fictitious instruments
    • Fraud
    • Juvenile crimes
    • Murder
    • Sex crimes
    • Tax evasion
    • Theft
    • Weapon possession
    • White collar crimes

    What Are My Rights After Getting Arrested?

    Even if you commit a crime, there are certain constitutional rights afforded to you, including:

    Right to remain silent. This means exactly that. When you get arrested, you don’t have to speak to the arresting officer or anyone else in law enforcement. If a cop tries to interrogate you about the event leading up to your arrest, you can say you’re not going to answer any questions without a lawyer.

    Right to a lawyer. If you want to hire an attorney, it’s your right to do so. Once you invoke your right to remain silent, you can ask to speak with a lawyer and have them present during questioning.

    Right to probable cause for search and seizure. The police can perform a limited search during your arrest and seize any evidence of a crime that is in plain sight. They’re not allowed to perform a more thorough search of your car or home without probable cause or a warrant.

    Right to a speedy trial. You have the right to a speedy trial to avoid spending a long time in jail before your first court date. You can waive this right if your Plano criminal defense attorney needs more time to locate evidence and create a solid defense for you.

    Should I Hire a Lawyer?

    If you get arrested or charged with a crime in Plano, you should immediately hire a Plano criminal defense attorney from Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian. The biggest mistake people make is choosing not to seek legal representation. Or just as harmful, they allow a public defender to take their case. Public defenders are hard-working individuals; however, they typically have a large workload and don’t have enough time to review every piece of evidence when working on your defense. We have the resources, experience, and manpower to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

    If this is your first arrest and you don’t know how the criminal justice system works, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced attorney immediately so that they can guide your every step. Without an attorney by your side, you could end up saying something you shouldn’t and get in even more trouble. The police might take advantage of your lack of knowledge and attempt to intimidate or scare you into talking about the event that led to your arrest. That could result in self-incrimination or the prosecutor using your words against you in court.

    Hiring a trial lawyer is the first step you should take after an arrest. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to retain a law firm, but the most important reason is that we can protect your rights and ensure you don’t make a mistake that costs you your freedom.

    What Are the Penalties for Criminal Offenses?

    The punishment you face depends on the charges against you, your criminal background, and if injury, property damage, or death resulted from your actions. Penalties can range from a fine to probation or a jail sentence. However, there are some statutory guidelines in Texas the court system might follow during your sentencing.


    • Class A misdemeanor: Up to one year in jail and a maximum of $4,000 in fines. This type includes crimes, such as theft of property less than $1,500 and stalking without causing bodily harm.
    • Class B misdemeanor: Up to 180 days in jail and no more than a $2,000 fine. This type involves crimes like DWI, possession of fewer than 4 ounces of marijuana, and theft of property up to $500.
    • Class C misdemeanor: No jail time and a maximum of a $500 fine. This includes offenses, such as theft of property less than $20.


    • First-degree felony: Minimum of a five-year prison sentence with a maximum of 99 years or life and a $10,000 fine. This involves crimes like aggravated sexual assault and theft of property at least $200,000 in value.
    • Second-degree felony: 2 to 20 years behind bars and a maximum of $10,000 in fines. Offenses of this nature include injury to a child, theft of property valued at a minimum of $100,000, and aggravated assault.
    • Third-degree felony: 2 to 10 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Offenses like this are theft of property over $20,000 and a drive-by shooting that doesn’t cause injury.
    • Capital felony: A crime like capital murder with the maximum punishment being execution.

    Common Defenses Used in Texas Criminal Trials

    Whether you committed the crime in question or law enforcement arrested the wrong person, there are multiple defenses your Plano criminal defense attorney from Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian could use. Some involve proving your innocence based on factual evidence, while others can raise reasonable doubt among the jurors by pointing out holes in the prosecution’s theories.

    • Innocence: The most basic form of defense is that you’re innocent. If you didn’t commit the crime, we could use witness testimony, forensic results, and other evidence to show the charges against you aren’t valid.
    • Alibi: A solid alibi proves to the jury that you were nowhere near where the crime occurred. Relevant evidence includes surveillance footage, restaurant receipts, and phone records putting you somewhere other than the crime scene at the time someone committed the offense.
    • Violation of your rights: If law enforcement illegally searched your home or car without a warrant or didn’t read your Miranda Rights before questioning, we could potentially suppress their evidence against you or get your case dismissed.
    • Self-defense: When a crime, such as assault, leads to physical harm, we might be able to claim self-defense. We’ll have to prove to the jury that your violent actions were the result of another person threatening or behaving violently against you.
    • Burden of proof: It’s up to the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. If there’s insufficient evidence against you, we can claim that they didn’t meet the burden of proof.
    • Statute of limitations: Most crimes come with a statute of limitations, a deadline by which charges must get brought against you. If the statute for the crime you’re facing charges passed, we could get the case dismissed.

    What Does It Cost to Speak to an Attorney?

    If you want to schedule an initial consultation with a Plano criminal defense attorney but worry if you can afford it, you should contact Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case and provide legal advice. There’s no risk in speaking with us to learn about your options and whether we can take your case.

    Arrested in Plano? Choose the Experienced Legal Team from Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian

    Our biggest weapon against prosecutors in Plano is our experience. Our Plano criminal defense attorneys know complex legal procedures inside and out. When you hire us, we’ll use our knowledge of Texas statutes to build the best possible defense and prove your innocence. We’ll do everything in our power to secure your freedom and get your life back on track.

    At Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian, we know the stress that comes with getting arrested. You feel overwhelmed and helpless and worry about how this will affect the rest of your life. If you get convicted of a crime, you could lose the support of your family and have trouble finding a job when you get out of jail. We want to help you maintain your reputation and will fight aggressively in court for your justice.

    Our Plano criminal defense attorneys care about our clients. We won’t treat you like a financial transaction. You’re a human being, and we will treat you with compassion and respect. We dedicate our time and attention to each case we work on so you won’t feel alone during this traumatic time.

    Call us at 972-424-1902 to schedule your free consultation and find out if we can represent you in your criminal case in Plano.

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