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How Police Investigate Drug Conspiracies

Even if you have never used, bought, or sold any illegal narcotics, you may still be a target of federal law enforcement authorities. Drug enforcement is serious business for the federal government agencies that investigate them, and they can and will use every tool at their disposal to investigate and prosecute people who they believe […]

Can I Have My Drug Possession Arrest Record Sealed or Expunged?

If you have been arrested in Collin County, Texas, on drug possession or similar charges, you may be worried about the prospect of having a criminal record. Fortunately, if the arrest did not result in a conviction or formal prosecution, you may be able to have the arrest removed from your record, either by expunction or […]

Spice, K2, and Synthetic Marijuana in Texas

It has long been illegal to possess or distribute marijuana in Collin County, Texas. Even possessing less than two ounces of marijuana may subject a Collin County resident to a fine of $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail. These penalties double for possessing up to four ounces of marijuana, and continue to ratchet […]

When Does a Drug Crime Become a Federal Charge in Collin County?

There is no such thing as a minor drug crimes charge. Even possession of a small amount of marijuana can trigger the full force of the Texas and federal criminal justice systems. Yet for the average person, it may not be obvious what the distinction is between a local drug charge in Collin County, Texas, […]

The Five Most Common Illegally Used Drugs in Texas

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs is a common criminal offense in Texas and throughout the United States. The substances for which individuals are arrested for possessing and selling vary from state to state; some drugs are popular throughout the country and others are largely contained to specific states and regions. In Texas, the […]

Drug Possessions in McKinney, Texas

Drug possession is a serious crime in Texas, and it makes up a large percentage of criminal arrests. Indeed, Texas has some of the strictest laws when it comes to controlled substances and drug possession. According to a report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, drug-related crimes account for about 25 percent of all local […]