Retired FBI Agent Indicted On Allegations of Fraud

According to the Acting U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Texas, a retired FBI Agent faces federal charges for crimes allegedly committed in November 2015. The indictment includes seven counts of wire fraud, one count of false impersonation of a federal officer, one count of making false statements to law enforcement, one count of wire fraud conspiracy, and one count of engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from unlawful activity.

According to court documents, the defendant allegedly conned a Texas woman out of over $800,000 by posing as a federal officer. The former agent initiated the scheme by telling the woman that she was under “secret probation” for drug offenses in Austin, Texas. The defendant informed the victim that a federal judge appointed them and one other person to supervise and mentor her.

The conditions of the “probation” established that the victim must report all of her activities, provide a list of her assets, and reimburse all incurred costs from duties the agent performed during the supervision. The victim also couldn’t tell anyone of her probationary status, or she would supposedly lose her children and face a prison sentence. The defendant allegedly convinced the victim that the probation was real by asking someone to leave messages on her phone claiming to be from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Intelligence Center and claiming that they had the power to monitor all cell phone communications.

The defendant also allegedly forced the victim to pay for expenses associated with trips to Austin to talk to the judge about the terms of the probation. The former agent allegedly also required money for restitution for a company the victim had wronged. The defendant then deposited it into their own bank account.

The con lasted for several years and resulted in the victim paying more than $800,000 to the defendant. According to a Special Agent in charge of the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Dallas Field Office, the defendant allegedly stole, threatened, and conned the victim for financial gain. If there’s a conviction for these crimes, the defendant could face up to 178 years in federal prison.

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Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : May 31, 2021