Missing Boy Found Dead in Jasper Motel

Police announced that they believe the body of a boy who allegedly went missing last week was found in a motel room in Jasper. Officers arrested the biological father’s girlfriend after discovering her in the room when they found the boy’s body.

According to the Assistant Police Chief in Houston, the girlfriend faces charges of tampering with evidence. The father wasn’t arrested and isn’t a person of interest. However, investigators have been questioning him about the alleged crime.

The father and girlfriend reported the boy as missing last week. When the police arrived at their apartment, the girlfriend alleged that she saw the biological mother outside with an officer earlier that morning. She went on to say that the officer told her to return the boy to his mother or she would go to jail.

The girlfriend added that the mother and police officer left in separate vehicles after the exchange. When the father found out about what happened, he contacted the child’s mother. She claimed that the boy was not with her. Investigators looked into her alibi and determined she had been at home that morning. They also found some other inconsistencies in the girlfriend’s statements.

The executive assistant chief of the Houston police mentioned during a recent press conference that someone reported the boy as missing after claiming that another individual took him from the girlfriend’s apartment. However, law enforcement has not been able to locate the female caller since then.

Houston police discovered the body at the Jasper motel after receiving a tip from CrimeStoppers. However, they’re waiting for the medical examiner to confirm if it is, in fact, the missing boy.

Additionally, investigators believe he went missing long before the call to police. Multiple people claimed that they had not seen the young child since April 30 at the school he attended in Houston.

Investigators haven’t released any motive for murder or the cause of death. They’re reviewing additional charges while the defendant is being held in a Jasper jail.

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Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : August 14, 2023