Dallas Morning News Offers Online Content Removal for Certain Criminal Convictions

The Dallas Morning News is now offering people who have been implicated in crime coverage the chance to have their names removed from articles on DallasNews.com under certain conditions.

To qualify, a person must have had the criminal offense legally cleared from his/her record through an expunction order. Expunctions may be granted for people who were arrested but were never charged or indicted, or in some cases if a criminal charge was dismissed or a person was acquitted, pardoned or completed deferred adjudication.

A diverse committee of journalists at The News will meet once a month to review applications. The committee will pass along recommendations to The News’ editor, who will make the final decision on removal.

The only articles that will be considered are those involving criminal cases in which an expunction order has been granted. Additionally, people who are public officials or deemed to be public figures do not qualify for The News’ content-removal process.

When the decision to remove material is made, the subject’s name will be removed from the article. Articles that involve only that subject will be removed entirely from DallasNews.com.

If you need assistance clearing your record, contact our office to see if you qualify for an expunction or nondisclosure.

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Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : June 15, 2023