Sheriff in Central Texas Charged with Sexual Assault 

Ricky Scaman, the Sheriff of Fall County, was arrested on Monday, September 21, on charges of felony assault on a public servant, sexual assault, and misdemeanor official oppression, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Scaman was held in the Bell County Jail on Monday evening before posting bond and getting released later that night. His bond was set at $195,000.

Scaman was indicted on five charges against two different victims. Scaman allegedly pushed a Marlin Police Department employee against a car, pulled her hair, and groped or grabbed her breasts or genitals. The indictment also alleges that Scaman assaulted a second victim, a Falls County Jail sergeant, by pushing her against a wall and groping her genitals.

A History of Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations

Monday was the first time Scaman was officially charged with sexual assault crimes, but he has a history of allegations against him from women at his workplace.

In 2018, Nanci Anderson, his former assistant chief deputy, filed a federal lawsuit against Scaman. She claimed that he sent her inappropriate texts demanding she send him nude photos, as well as tried to pressure her to have sex with him while on a work trip.

In 2019, a department employee named Shirley Lynn Boger filed a federal suit claiming that Scaman invited her into his office, and preceded to grab her, lick her face, a grope her genitals under her clothing. The complaint stated, “She could barely breathe or move. When Scaman was done using [her] body for his personal sexual gratification, he told her to straighten up her uniform and leave his office.”

Scaman’s attorney denied these allegations.

Texas law states that a Sheriff can be removed if convicted of a misdemeanor, and a felony conviction brings automatic removal from office, although this is subject to appeal by the individual in question. Those pursuing an appeal can remain in their position while the result of the appeal is pending unless a jury decides to suspend the officer in the interim.

On Thursday, September 24, District Judge Bryan Russ ruled that Scaman won’t be required to wear an ankle monitor and can retain his badge, gun, and marked police car. Scaman is, however, prohibited from leaving Falls County without being supervised by a police officer, using drugs or alcohol, or contacting the alleged victims.

This isn’t the first time that Scaman has been involved in a scandal. In 2012, he was fired from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and subsequently lost the Falls County sheriff’s race after a photo was published, picturing him posing with an exotic dancer while he was an agent of the commission.

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Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : August 21, 2023