Driving on a Suspended License in Collin County: What If I Get Caught?

Driving on a Suspended License in Collin County_ What If I Get Caught

Has Collin County suspended your driver’s license? Without a valid license, it’s hard to get to work, do chores, or spend time with family and friends. While you might be tempted to drive anyway, think twice before you doGetting caught driving on a suspended license in Collin County can have severe consequences, including everything from fines and a longer license suspension to jail time in some cases. 

If you or someone you know faces charges of driving on a suspended license, you need a lawyer’s help immediately. Here’s what you can expect if you’re driving while your license is invalid, and how the Collin County criminal defense lawyers at Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian can help.

Is Driving on a Suspended License a Criminal Offense?

Can you go to jail for driving on a suspended license? Do you get arrested for driving on a suspended license? Yes, driving on a suspended license carries significant penalties in Texas. The Texas Transportation Code lists driving on a suspended license as a Class C misdemeanor in most cases. How much is driving on a suspended license ticket? The penalties for driving with a suspended license in Texas for a driver penalties amount to a fine of up to $500.

Is driving on a suspended license a criminal defense? No, in most cases, it carries harsher penalties considering driving on a suspended license is an aggravating circumstance in other criminal offenses. For example, driving on a suspended license while not carrying the minimum amount of car insurance coverage is a Class B misdemeanor. If someone drives on a suspended license without proper insurance coverage and causes an accident leading to serious injuries or deaths, that person has committed a Class A misdemeanor. In Texas, the penalties for Class B misdemeanors include up to 180 days in jail, while penalties for Class A misdemeanors can include up to 1 year in jail.

Most Common Reasons for Driver’s License Suspensions in Texas

There are dozens of potential reasons for a driver’s license suspension, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. For example, the most common reasons are as follows:

  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): Texas enforces strict DWI laws. If you’re arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your license can be automatically suspendedThis is a measure to prevent further risk on the roads.
  • Refusal to Submit to a Blood or Breath Test: Under the state’s implied consent laws, refusing a legally requested blood or breath test when suspected of DUI can lead to automatic license suspension. This policy supports the state’s efforts to combat impaired driving.
  • Excessive Traffic Violations: Accumulating traffic tickets or points on your driving record within a specified period also leads to suspension. Infractions that lead to ticketing and points include speeding, running red lights, and other moving violations.
  • Non-Payment of Traffic Fines: Failing to pay fines for traffic violations by the due date results in a suspended license. This ensures that penalties are taken seriously and adhered to.
  • Driving Without Insurance: Operating a vehicle without the minimum required insurance coverage is another common reason for suspension, as Texas law mandates all drivers to have insurance to protect all road users.
  • Child Support Delinquency: In Texas, failing to comply with child support orders can lead to a suspension. This legal tool is used to enforce child support agreements.
  • Driving with an Invalid License: If you are caught driving with an expired, revoked, or otherwise invalid license, your driving privileges can be suspended for longer.

How Long Does a Driver’s License Suspension Last in Texas?

In Texas, the length of a driver’s license suspension period varies based on several factors. The specific reason for the suspension plays a crucial role in determining how long you’ll be without your driving privileges. For some minor infractions, individuals may be able to restore their driving privileges relatively quickly. This often involves paying any required reinstatement fees, completing a defensive driving course, or fulfilling other state-mandated requirements. More importantly, these steps are designed to ensure that drivers have corrected any behaviors that led to the suspended or revoked license.

In more severe cases, such as those involving repeat DWI criminal charges or other serious offenses, the suspension can last for a year or longer. During this time, drivers need to adhere to the terms of the suspension to avoid further penalties.

Does Texas Allow Occupational Licenses for Driver’s License Suspensions?

There are cases where Texas law allows drivers to apply for an occupational driver’s license after a driver’s license suspension. An occupational license allows you to go to and from your job, but that’s all. It is meant to help people go to work while punishing them for traffic offenses or other legal violations. An occupational license is not always available after a driver’s license suspension, though. An attorney can review your case and tell you whether you might qualify for an occupational license.

How Do You Get Your Driving Privileges Back After a License Suspension?

Driving on a Suspended License in Collin County_ What If I Get CaughtRestoring your driving privileges after a license suspension can be a complex task. Depending on the circumstances, paying a fee and taking a few additional steps is enough to regain your license. If you’re dealing with a more serious case, you might have to go through more elaborate steps, like installing an ignition interlock device after a DWI conviction. In addition, you might even have to attend a court hearing in some cases.

The best way to figure out what you need to do to regain your driving privileges is to talk to a knowledgeable lawyer. Your lawyer can go through your case with you and explain what you have to do to get your suspended driver’s license back. 

How Our Lawyers Can Help You Get Your Driver’s License Back

The Collin County DWI attorneys and criminal defense attorneys at Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian know how inconvenient it is to lose your driving privileges. If your license has been suspended, we can work with you to address the underlying issue and get your license back. Our legal team will review your case and identify the steps you need to regain your driving privileges. Then, we’ll create a step-by-step plan to guide you through the process as quickly as possible. Consequently, you can count on us to provide the thorough, compassionate legal and emotional support you need.

The sooner you speak to a lawyer about your driver’s license suspension, the sooner you get it back. Call us today or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

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