Attorney General Under Investigation for Allegations of Bribery

In October 2020, seven former employees of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton accused him of using his position for personal gain. They claimed that he involved himself in legal matters his friend and real estate investor faced, someone who also donated $25,000 to Paxton’s 2018 campaign.

The whistleblowers believe the AG used his power to commit crimes with his campaign donor, including abuse of office and bribery. They also claimed that his real estate friend employed a woman Paxton was allegedly having an affair.

By the end of September and beginning of October, three of Paxton’s aides resigned, four were fired, and one had to take leave following these allegations. A whistleblower lawsuit filed by four of these employees proceeded shortly after.

Previous Charges Involving White Collar Crimes

This isn’t the first time the Attorney General has faced allegations of criminal activity during his time in office. In July 2015, he was indicted on charges of felony securities fraud. Prosecutors believed he persuaded investors to purchase stock in a technology firm. He didn’t disclose that he would receive compensation for their investments.

Despite the indictment, Paxton was able to win a second term as Attorney General. He pleaded not guilty and still has not been tried in court for these charges.

He was allegedly also involved in other questionable situations. Those included an unusual intervention by someone in another state who donated to his campaign. Six-figure payments to fund his legal defense. Plus a bill filed by his state senator’s wife seemed to increase the power he had while in office.

Internal Investigation Finds No Wrongdoing

Almost eleven months after the bribery allegations, the Office of the Attorney General completed its internal investigation. They published a 374-page report stating a lack of basis for the complaints made against Paxton. The report concluded that he is innocent of the crimes. The report went on to say that his actions were lawful. There wasn’t any evidence that he took a bribe. Nor did he have a relationship with the real estate investor involving quid pro quo.

Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate the bribery allegations, it’s clear that Paxton’s current employees support him. They believe that he hasn’t done anything wrong while in office. When asked about who wrote the internal report and the amount of involvement by the Attorney General in creating it, a spokesperson failed to respond.

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Written by: Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian Last Updated : June 16, 2023